Hello there. My name is Alan and I’m in my final year at University studying Heritage. I’m probably one of the older students, especially as you note my age as 47, but after the degree has been obtained I wish to utilise skills gained from my previous employment and combine them with my new learnings. I hope you will assist me with my endeavours by providing your top ten items to be housed in a museum. Thank you


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  1. […] Alanwatts1 may have found the solution to my museum dreams…a virtual museum!  What!  People have virtual lives, pets, adventures, clothes, cars… why couldn’t I have a virtual museum?  Beside the relative affordability, the dust free environment and the benefit of not cluttering up my home with….the most excellent of stuff, no museum is left missing exhibits, in fact we can all have a Mona Lisa in our museum and the Louvre never know! […]

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