I need a job

July 24, 2010

Life is truly amazing. Here I sit, contemplating the past and wondering what the future now holds for me and the family. I’m 47 (09.12.1962) and following redundancy in June 2007, I stumbled upon a dream – to holiday with a difference. I paid to join an archaeological excavation in Lincoln and became fascinated by the association of latent interests which were now being realised.

I was also fortunate to meet Samantha, a 1st year student from Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln who was volunteering on the excavation alongside oter 1st year students. A blossuming relationship began which grew into love as well as what I sometimes consider to be the most ridiculous decision I’ve ever made…….to become a mature student myself.

Now some 3 years and 4 full excavations later, I find myself residing with Sam and her 3 children, our two dogs and have a 1st class honours degree in Heritage studies. I’ve also had the fabulous opportunity to open new friendships and find some real friends who will remain as such even if our lives move in different directions now.

The unfortunate side is that the redundancy monies and savings have gone, debts are spiralling and both Sam and myself are unemployed.

Despite my heady roles in finance, earning a decent level of income previously and my newly acquired level of intelligence, I’m faced with (as I did today) walking the streets, looking for jobs that will reduce the fears of financial ruin and the shame and stigma attached to becoming destitute and reliant upon a state who’s predicament could well mirror my own.

Some would say I took the wrong turn and should have simply returned to the financial world rather than brodening my horizons yet I would argue this. My life has been enriched by my newly discovered relationships as well as the increased knowledge and learnings, and no, this is not simply a begging blog or a ‘I feel sorry for myself’ statement.

My names Alan. I’ve 30 years banking experience which ended up at a fairly senior management level before I became supurfluous to their needs. I’m still quite sporty, enjoying bowls at county level and have a golf handicap of 12. Everyone that has met me has enjoyed respect and loyalty as befits their standing and I am hardworking and prepared to do most things in order to be successful in whatever I do.

If whoever reads this knows of anyone that has a position available, wants to open up dialogue because they’re in similar circumstances or can give some sane direction to this madness the world finds itself in then please conatct me via this blog.



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